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Homeowner's Insurance

Bowers Insurance provides competitive rates for homeowners insurance in area. We can provide quotes and coverage for residential homeowners, condo owners, and rental insurance.

Protect your home with high-quality homeowner's insurance. Make sure you house AND all of your personal property is covered. Rick Bowers will sit down with you to discuss all of your insurance needs. There are many things a homeowner's policy covers, but you need to know all of the coverage and your deductible.

Some Things to Consider with Homeowner's Insurance:
•  Deductibles - higher deductible lowers your premium
•  Safety Equipment - might lower your premium
•  Make sure Boats, dirt bikes and other items are covered
•  Make sure jewelry and other unique/expensive items are covered
•  Un umbrella policy is a low-cost solution for liability
•  Cover vacation homes and lake houses

Renter's Insurance
If you are renting a house, an apartment or condo, Renter's Insurance can protect your personal property AND reduce your auto insurance rates. Ask us about multi-policy discounts for having Renter's Insurance.

Umbrella Policy for Liability
Also, remember to call Bowers Insurance so we can provide you with a quote for your lake house, mountain home or summer home. When you have more than one property an umbrella policy is a good idea. Protect your property and your assets with a low-cost umbrella liability policy.

A good homeowner's policy covers your boat, dirt bikes and jet ski's, but we to go over the details for those as well - Call us for details.

Homeowner's and Renters Insurance

Bowers Homeowner's Insurance

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